Who is Big Red?



We are Chloe and Prue. We’ve just got married and are about to leave our comfortable lives to try out our dream of being full time vandwellers.

We’ve both lived and worked in Brighton for seven years and we’ve been really happy here for the most part. Unfortunately, as with many places, the cost of living has skyrocketed and we’ve started to struggle with our finances. We’ve both had good jobs, bringing in above-average wages, but found that roughly 80% of our income was being spent on paying bills (primarily rent and council tax). We were not able to save any real money, nor could we realistically consider ever getting a mortgage down here. Having no choice but to work a 40 hour week just to pay the rent is no longer what either of us want, and it’s not making us happy anymore.

Enter Big Red.  An ex-Royal Mail van, lovingly converted into a compact but smart campervan. An old(ish) Ford Transit, and not without the associated issues – and an interesting choice of white flash stickers down the side. (Any Starsky and Hutch fans reading?) But he’s ours now, and we love him.

We’re following our dream and trying out a completely new way of life – getting rid of the majority of our possessions, our flat, and our jobs. We have some savings but we will be doing most of this on a shoestring budget, finding clever ways to limit spending money and doing it as DIY as we can. Diesel and food will be our main costs, and we’re hoping we can stretch our limited funds to six months on the road. Barring any emergencies or acts of God, we will be able to do this by being careful and minimising expenditure. Who knows, we might decide that living on the road is actually what we want to aim for in the long term.

Watch this space.

Our photo was taken by the ever brilliant photographer and good friend, Shaun Vincent. You can follow his work here: