What’s your plan?

This is the question we get asked the most from friends and family. The simple answer is, we don’t really have a set plan and that’s entirely intentional. As part of trying out a new lifestyle, we are trying not to limit ourselves to a structured schedule. That being said, getting our first taste of vanlife in the middle of winter didn’t seem like the smartest move, so here’s what we’ll be doing…

We are packing up and leaving our Brighton home next week and our first stop is Cumbria. With the winters up North generally being a bit wild, we will be riding out the worst of it staying with family up there. We plan on being part-time vandwellers between December and February. While we are going to be doing exciting trips and exploring the vastness of the Lake District, we will be keeping warm in the bits in between adventures inside a four walled home.

As soon as the weather (and temperature) picks up slightly around February/March, we will be heading out in the van full time to discover all the places in the UK we’ve always wanted to go or wanted to spend more time exploring.


About six months ago we bought a huge wall map of the UK. So big, it would only fit on one wall of the entire flat. We bought a marker pen and soon started putting dots on all the places we want to visit. We spent evenings in front of the computer researching hidden gems around the country. We asked friends and family for recommendations and popped these all on the map too. What we’ve created is our rough plan for our van adventure. It’ll take us to the far reaches of Scotland, to the top of peaks in the Peak district, into the Welsh valleys, down around the coasts of Cornwall, into the vastness of Dartmoor and into the hills of Yorkshire with many, many places in between.

The first snow has just fallen onto the fells in the Lakes and we absolutely cannot wait to start our adventure there next week.