The Cure

Manchester 29/11/2016

Miles travelled: 500.7

Sitting at my desk at work over a year ago, fighting for my place in the Ticketmaster queue, I had no idea we would be travelling to this gig in our home on wheels.

First time parking Red in a city centre since we left the comforts of our hometown and it’s safe to say we both worried about leaving him as if he was our newborn child.

We were only a short walk from the Arena, staying with family in the centre. We arrived in good time, found our seats and settled in for the night. The Cure are a band I have adored for years and never thought I’d be sat in an Arena about to see them play.

Around 8pm the ambient background music became increasingly louder and less ambient….then lights out and showtime.

Playing all their hits in quick succession, they kept the momentum going for the main set. With an impressive lightshow to match their stage presence, it was incredible. They came back and played The Forest for their encore and subsequently went off and came back on three more times for big hit encores. I was a bit puzzled as to why they went off and came back on so many times. My theory is, the first time they stuck the kettle on, second one, brewed the tea and third, drank the perfect temperature cuppa. That’s what I’d do if I was in a huge band anyway.

I find Robert Smith’s quiet demeanour on stage wonderfully endearing and it was just a dream to have been able to see these guys perform. A brilliant gig with brilliant company.

Cheers, Manchester 🤘