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Q&A with yinyangdogvan


We will be trying to catch an insight into some other vandwellers’ lives along our journey and seeing what things we can learn from them.

One of our favourite journeys to follow is Gabby, Freddy and Rambo’s, AKA Yinyangdogvan, which can be found here. All images in this post are from their Instagram.

There was a point a few months ago when I wondered if we were making a mistake. Leaving the security of our current lives, was this really the right thing to do? It was at this point I was scrolling through Instagram and found these guys: fellow Brightonians who were a few steps ahead of us and had already set off on their journey. The freedom and life in their photos really inspired me and made me realise I wanted to be standing where they were, on the other side of leaving and in the middle of adventure itself.

I contacted them to see if they’d mind giving us an insight into their journey and they’ve been so kind to answer some vanlife questions for us –


Fred: Before van life I was working in an architects practice dreaming of two things: First, to be free from the chains of desk and routine, and second, to design and build a more intimate space. Not only did van life give us the chance to live a life of freedom but also create a space together and fill it with our own personalities. Our van is built by us, for us. 

Gaby: Before moving to Brighton for university I grew up overseas as a third culture kid, moving around every couple of years, so after 5 beautiful years in Brighton, It felt like time for a new adventure. We are big dreamers so we often talked of travelling and exploring different parts of the world together. Van life is our biggest adventure yet

What made you decide to become vandwellers?

Along with all of the above, our little dog Rambo is a part of the family and we simply couldn’t leave him behind! Van life is the best way to travel with a dog.

What advice would you give someone about to set off on their own adventure?

It is relatively early days for us as vanlifers and we still have a lot to learn. That said our best piece of advice for anyone would be this: Good things will happen. Bad things will happen. It is all part of the journey.  Embrace every experience that comes your way. Don’t fight it, live it!  

What’s the best thing about vanlife so far?

The freedom it gives us. Every night we go to sleep not knowing where the day will take us tomorrow.


What’s the one item you can’t live without?

The kettle, although we wish we had brought more English teabags with us!

What’s your cleverest space saving storage solution in your van?

We don’t have any one storage solution in the van, but everything in our van is storage. We have tons of it. Everything has its place. Being able to put everything away and declutter the van is vital to living life on the road.

What’s your favourite way to spend a rainy day in the van?

We like to draw, read or watch films. Fred plays the guitar. We tend to get the maps out and plan future days. 

What’s the best place you’ve experienced so far on your journey?

We had an amazing few days through Los picos de europa. Our favourite place there was The Covadonga lakes. It was breathtaking!


To keep up with their adventures, you can follow them here: