Kit Review: Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket

My most used, relied upon and treasured piece of kit is my Rab microlite jacket. I never leave the van without it and it has been my accomplice on many adventures across the country.


Its lightweight design fools you into thinking it’s just for fair weather when in reality the down lining keeps you cosy in very cold temperatures. It fits snugly but still has space for base layers underneath if needed, although usually one t-shirt does the job. The quality of the materials mean it’s nicely breathable and keeps you at a good ambient temperature. The peaked hood is a brilliant feature and combined with zipping the jacket up to the top, it gives you great protection from the elements.

Another great feature is that the jacket folds down to a really small size, perfect for putting in your backpack while still travelling light. When compared to synthetic jackets, it is just as lightweight and compact, but it has all the warmth you’d expect from a real feather down inner. This one comes with a really handy drawstring bag for when you need to pack it away to keep it clean.

I also really rate Rab’s aftercare, they looked after me when I was unfortunate enough to snag my jacket on a particularly sharp barbed wire fence, resulting in a rip in the outer shell. I sent the jacket off to their team and they repaired the jacket in absolute record time for a very reasonal amount. The repair was so good that I couldn’t even see where the tear had been.

This jacket is a really great offering from Rab. They are my most trusted brand for gear and with the knowledge and technology they have, I can’t wait to see what’s next from them.

Want to know more? You can find this jacket on Rab’s website here.

I like to couple this jacket with Rab’s Xiom waterproof. The Xiom has now been replaced by the Spark, which can be found here. When I wear both of these jackets, I feel completely invincible in all weather conditions!

*Header image from Rab’s Facebook page.